NEW Parts Washing System

The RS-2000 Parts Washing System is a multifunction system. Designed to wash, rince and filter excess contamination of paint and coatings. This system is designed to pump heated N-Terpinal chemical solution into the wash tank to immerse the parts.  A manifold of induction nozzles provide impingement for the release of excess contamination and recirculates the solutions return into the filtration area. The cleaning solution overflows into a filtration area with three filters, that can vary in micron size or a large filter basket can be added. The solution is diverted to an internal tank, reheated with an immersion heater. Therefore, the cleaning chemicals are reheated, recirculated and filtered for their reuse. Afterword’s, the solution is pump out of the wash tank through the filtration area back to the storage tank to eliminate any exposed chemicals and minimize evaporation. A rinse gun with both air pressure and water is used to rinse off the parts, and a two-inch ball valve discharges the rinse water to drain. For additional details and information, please supply us with your e-mail.

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