Powder Coating Removal

Cold - Powder Coat Stripper 

Acid based liquid powder coat stripper for ambient use. Designed to remove TGIC, Polyester, Epoxy, Urethanes Etc.  

Wheel Stripper

Typically, wheels have multiple coatings. That may include a base coat, electro coating, powder coating and clear coating finish.  

 Aluminum Stripper


Neutral pH formulation is safe on ferrous metals. Including all types of Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Iron and Magnesium substrates.

Heated - Powder Coat Stripper


This is a heated coating stripper
with temperatures ranging from 140 F. to 175 F. Used in heated soak tanks & ultrasonic systems.  

Silicone Masking Plugs

This chemical will quickly remove coatings from Silicone masking plugs. Used in a soak tank or in a ultrasonic system.

Epoxy Powder Coat 


The Epoxy powder is commonly used for coating applications. This coating can be removed ambient or heated solutions.

Gel - Powder Coat Stripper


The NTG-Gel formulation is designed for large part stripping. Removes all types of paint & coatings, powder coatings etc.

Hooks & Fixtures.

The stripping of hooks and fixtures is important for the conductivity of the coating process. 

Electro - Coating

This chemical formulation is designed to quickly remove Electro - Coatings. This product is safe on all types of metal substrates.