Pre-Treatment Chemicals

Heavy Duty Degreaser

The formulation has been specifically designed for the removal of heavy oil & grease. 

Rust & Scale Remover

synthetic acid with surfactant base green chemical agent for the safe removal of rust, oils and scale from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

Rust Inhibitor
& Sealer 


water-based rust inhibitor and sealant for iron, steel, and aluminum designed to protect parts from corrosion after the cleaning or stripping process. 

Multi-Stage Pre-Treatment Heated Ultrasonic System

In order to ensure an excellent metal painted surface quality, the pretreatment prior to painting plays an essential role. To reinforce the adhesion of the paint and hence improve corrosion resistance. The surface treatment consists of surface cleaning, degreasing, iron- or zinc-phosphating, scale & rust, inhibitor process.