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 About N-Terpinal Chemicals 

   N-Terpinal products are sustainable semi-aqueous, organic chemical formulations. Designed for the releasing of Paint, Coatings, Polyester Resins, Adhesives, Ink, Chemical Stripping, Bio-Chemical Degreasing and Rust & Descaling applications.
All N-Terpinal products are non-hazardous, biodegradable and safe to use on ferrous & non-ferrous metals and some plastics. N-Terpinal products are designed to penetrate and release the contamination from the substrate. therefore, resulting in a substantial reduction of waste disposal, which also allows the product to be filtered and reused. 
N-Terpinal Properties:
  • Aqueous & Semi-Aqueous

  • 100% Biodegradable

  • NON - Hazardous

  • Low Vapor Pressure (VOC)

  • Non - Toxic

  • AQMD Compliant  

  • Non - Flammable 

  • Light Odor

  • Non-Regulated



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Industries Served:
  • Paint & coatings
  • Coating Surface Preparation
  • Resin Cleaning 
  • Printing Inks

  • Parts Cleaning & Degreasing

  • Adhesive Removal

  • Coating Surface Preparation

  • Powder Coat Stripping/Removal

  • Polyester Resin Cleaner

  • Flushing Paint Lines

  • Tank & mixing Vat Cleaning

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